Tuesday, 27 June 2017

About the company :
Thales is a multi-national engineering company with five main business areas: Defence, Aerospace, Ground Transportation, Space and Security. Our maritime missions business provides the eyes and ears of the Royal Navy and many other navies globally. We provide a variety of products from submarine hardware to mission planning software on submarines and boats.

The Task :
Your task is to design and create a game relating to Thales Maritime or the Maritime Defence Industry. This could cover any aspect from comparing small boats and mine hunters, to the sea and naval warfare. The only design constraint is that is needs to be relating to maritime, otherwise use your imagination!
  • Any language can be used e.g. VB.net, web technologies (javascript and html + plugins), java (libgdx libraries), python (pygame libraries).
  • It can be single or multiplayer.
  • Some examples are a mine hunting game, naval warfare, boat top trumps, first person shooter with cannons
The judges will be looking for:
    • Innovation
    • Teamwork
    • Your design and the finished product
    • Your progression of skills during the two days
Each winning team member will receive a £15 Amazon voucher and Thales goodies filled with sweets! There is also the chance that successful games could be used for promotional events within Thales.

The Thales Mentors :
Nathan is a 1st year software engineering apprentice, studying a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University and working in the Processing and Run Time Environment (RTE) teams.
He uses Java, Bash scripts and hardware and also knows his way around HTML and CSS.

Simon is a 2nd year Computer Science student at the University of York, who is doing a year long placement at Thales in the Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) team.
He has knowledge of Java, Python, web techonologies and VB 96.

Katie is a 1st year Computer Science student at Leeds University doing a summer placement at Thales in the Small Boats team. She is also an ex-Loretto College student.

She has good knowledge of Java, VB, C, C++ and Python.