Friday, 13 October 2017

Junior Hack Manchester

Junior Hack Manchester

The Challenge

Our challenge for you is to produce a project that mimics the functionality of a minehunter.
Think about one or more of the following areas:
1.                 Classifying an image or sound
This could be an app which can recognize a certain shape in an image, or a certain sound and respond to it
2.                 The security of actually logging in to the mine hunting system
For example eye recognition or finger print technology could be used or a new way of storing passwords.
3.                 Ways to set a course for an autonomous vehicle
This could be a website, or application allowing a user to set an item going from A to B. Could we use touchscreens, voice commands?
4.                 Mimics the underwater environment
This could be a game or Minecraft

At Thales

At Thales we are constantly trying to master the undersea environment, which includes identifying mines in the world’s oceans.
To achieve this we produce minehunting sonar, autonomous minehunting vessels and command systems. These can identify mines, which the Navy can then detonate in a controlled way making shipping lanes and harbours safer.
These products are used by Navies all over the world.


The winning team will receive:
·         2 Build-Your-Own robotic arm kits
·         2 RC Quadcopters with cameras
·         4 boxes of Thales goodies!


I am Marianne Giles and will be judging the Thales Challenge at the event. I am a second year graduate at Thales working as a Software Engineer, after getting a ‘BEng Computer Science with Industrial Placement’ from the University of York. I have worked in a wide range of roles in the company from coding to helping install systems on the ships, mainly focusing on delivering sensors for minehunters.
As a judge I will be looking for teams who are thinking outside of the box, having fun and showing me how you reached a solution through teamwork!