Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Train Experience Hack Challenge

The Train Experience                                                       

Thales is a global leader in rail, road and urban transport, as well as in-flight entertainment systems.

The Challenge
With the introduction of autonomous trains in the near future, travel is changing - however passengers still have the same frustrating and boring journeys. Your challenge is to come up with a prototype which will improve a passengers daily experience of travelling by autonomous train or car.

For example:
    - make their trip more seamless, and reduce the number of tasks they have to complete
    - use data available (e.g. location and health data) to tailor their travel
    - how can the journey be more entertaining

When picking a winning team I will be looking for the team with the most creative idea, who have challenged themselves and learnt something new, but most importantly the team who works well together and has FUN!
Each team member will win a £25 amazon voucher.